3M G5 Duplex Speaker - Drive Thru Headset - C Comm Direct

PAR® G5 Duplex Speaker - Drive Thru Speaker Post Headset System


  • $135.00
  • Save $35

4″ duplex speaker with mounting bracket for use with PAR® G5, 3M XT-1 drive-thru Systems.

This new speaker allow for faster, easier and more accurate installation, and combined with the new G5 base Station, delivers superior sound clarity and clearer communication between the order taker and the customer.

*If this isn't our favorite outside speaker for all current systems (from PAR, HME, 3M, Panasonic), it's close.  It uses the same speaker element from the previous version but features improved audio quality and protection from sun and water damage due to the high quality molded case, acoustic treatment, and weather protection. 



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