A New Era in Restaurant Communication is Here

NEXEO | HDX takes communication beyond the drive-thru and into key areas of your restaurant, maximizing productivity and exceeding service expectations. Built for an industry evolving faster than ever before, NEXEO is the restaurant industry’s first communication platform designed to grow with your business. Enhance the drive-thru ordering experience with HDX Digital Audio, increase efficiency with group conversations, improve workflows with voice commands, and more. NEXEO is more than the next generation of drive-thru headsets, NEXEO is the total solution for communication inside and outside the restaurant.

Unmatched Sound Clarity

HDX Digital Audio builds upon the breakthrough advancements of the EOS | HD with Wideband HD Audio. HME patented noise reduction and Wideband technology dramatically decreases background noise and expands the audio bandwidth to include higher and lower voice frequencies than other systems, resulting in a crystal-clear drive-thru ordering experience for customers and order takers alike.

The Voice AI Ordering Experience Unlike Any Other

Engineered to seamlessly support your preferred voice AI provider, NEXEO is your fully digital solution for restaurant communication and voice AI ordering (VAIO). VAIO greets customers, takes orders with outstanding order accuracy, provides consistent customer service, and never forgets to upsell. Free employees from order taking and enable them to support other key areas of your operation where personable, face-to-face interactions have a greater impact on customer service and satisfaction. Together, NEXEO and VAIO provide an ordering experience unlike any other, helping your team succeed even if staffing fluctuates.



Actionable Insight You Can Hear

Staying on top of your drive-thru performance is now easier than ever with performance alerts delivered directly to your headsets. Integration between NEXEO and the ZOOM Nitro® Timer enables alerts that state exactly which event needs your immediate attention.

Alerts are delivered only to the team members you choose, providing critical insight to the right person at the right time. Enhance awareness to key metrics like when a customer in the drive-thru lane exceeds your specified total wait time, taking your drive-thru operation to the next level.

Accomplish More Hands-Free

NEXEO’s voice-enabled technology empowers you to instantly connect to a drive-thru customer, change lanes, adjust common headset settings, and more. In the daily hustle and bustle, voice commands make it easier to do more by keeping the work momentum going as you stay on task to better serve your customers.

 *Voice Commands feature is an early release preview.




Critical Insight When It Matters Most

NEXEO | HDX integrated alerts deliver actionable insight to the right person at the right time, leading to immediate action that improves performance on the spot. Alerts to your headset enhance awareness to key service areas and help you stay on top of your entire operation when it matters most.

 NEXEO alerts and video detection enable your team to prioritize mobile guests.


Hear an alert in real time when a customer leaves the queue without placing an order.

Reduce Unnecessary Interruptions

Targeted alerts and reminders empower you to choose the automated notifications that each person and group hears, significantly reducing the noise clutter and ensuring that the right person on your team receives the alerts they need when they need them.

Intelligent and Intuitive Control Center

The NEXEO | HDX base station is installed at eye level and provides a colorful 7-inch display for easy interaction, making it easier than ever to register headsets, manage your store settings, and view battery and system health information. Critical system information like network connectivity, headset status, speaker/mic status, and loop health is readily available just by looking at the base station display. Plus, NEXEO is available in multiple languages, enabling your team to interact with the NEXEO base station in their preferred language.

Headset Pairing as Easy as 1-2-3

Save time by connecting a headset to the base station instantly, hassle-free and no training needed. Follow the simple on-screen instructions, tap your headset to the blue ring on the base station when instructed, and your headset will be ready to use in no time. Plus, there is no limit to the number of headsets you can connect.


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