PAR G5 Drive Thru Headsets Upgrade - 3M XT1 Headset System End of Life


The manufacturers are ending service for the 3M XT1 System on December 31, 2021.

The 3M Wireless Communication System, Model XT-1 was introduced in 2008. Over the last few years, several key electronic components used in the model XT1 system are no longer produced and others are in very limited supply.

If your restaurant is using this XT1 system, we recommend you to upgrade to the PAR G5 Drive-Thru System, so you can then take a full advantage of the newest digital drive-thru technology which can strengthen your drive-thru performance.



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The PAR® Drive Thru G5 Headset  is the fifth generation, wireless headset. The first headset on the market featuring in store reparability and Smart technology.
Combined with it’s lightweight and comfortable design, industry known sound clarity, and the PAR® Base Station Package makes the PAR® Drive thru system, Clearly the Sound Decision.


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