HS12 Headset for HME COM6000 Belt Pack


  • $88.15
  • Save $-19.15

The HS12 Headset is not only built tough, it's steel-tough!

The cable that connects the headband to the belt-pac Communicator is a blend of stainless steel and tinsel wire. As a result, this unique combination greatly strengthens the cable, which can withstand over 100 lbs. of pull and over 2 million twists.

Extra strain relief added to the headset assembly increases strength and durability at both ends of the cable. An adjustable slide in the stainless steel headband provides a snug and comfortable fit on any operator's head. All this plus unparalleled sound quality creates the most pleasant and efficient operation possible for drive-thru crews.

Compatible with IQ6000 systems - COM6000 Belt Pack.

With its 2 years warranty, the HS12 Headset is the ideal headset for reliable and efficient drive-thru communication.


** HS12 Headset REFURBISHED 120 Day Warranty.



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