HME IC300 - C Comm Direct

HME IC300™ Cabled Intercom System for Point-to-Point Communication


  • $611.68

The IC300 Cabled Intercom provides one-touch communication for your drive-thru. Perfect as a stand-alone communication system or an emergency back-up for your wireless communication system, the IC300 is reliable and affordable.

The IC300 Cabled Intercom brings one-touch convenience to your drive-thru operation.

An alert tone and vehicle detect light on the keypad let you know when a customer arrives in the drive-thru lane.

The touch of a button opens communication to the drive-thru. When the customer drives off, the system is automatically reset.

HME's cabled intercom is housed in a rugged, splash-resistant case.

The keypad is made to endure constant use, day in and day out.

Whether you use your cabled intercom as a stand-alone system or as a back-up to your wireless system, you can count on the IC300 to deliver dependable service that can withstand the rigors of the quick service industry.

Includes Base unit, power supply, wiring harness, and instructions.

Full-Duplex Kit is highly recommended for best sound quality.


DXT1 wireless emergency drive thru headsets backup system.

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