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HS6100 HME Drive Thru Headset


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*This product is only available as REFURBISHED or USED

The HME HS6300 is the replacement for this unit, is fully compatible with both the HS6100 & HS6200 headsets (HME EOS | HD and HME Ion | IQ).  Please feel free to call with any questions.  If this unit shows out of stock order the HS6300 instead.

HME HS6100 Replacement / Compatible Headsets

These HME Drive Thru headsets are compatible with the ion IQ Base Station and can be used as replacement for the HS6100 model.




 **notice:  the HS6000 & COM600 both use the bat42 battery & AC40 charger


ION | IQ Drive-Thru HS6100 Headset 

HME drive-thru headset system with the industry's newest advancement in sound quality Audio. HME provides a more understandable drive-thru conversation for improved order accuracy and speed of service.
  • Outbound Noise Reduction:
    Removing noise from inside the kitchen provides clearer communication to the customer resulting in a better customer experience in your drive-thru.
  • Inbound Noise Reduction:
     Innovate technology dramatically reduces noise from the drive-thru to help deliver greater order accuracy than ever before.

Improvement in Inbound Noise Reduction
Removes engine and traffic sounds from the drive-thru to reduce employee fatigue.

Improvement in Outbound Noise Reduction
Noise reduction removes kitchen noise, like blenders, so that customers can hear crew members better. Orders are more accurate and customers leave happier than ever before.


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