VDB103 -HME Advanced Vehicle Detector Board Loop Sensor- Internal - AVDB


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The AVDB uses digital signal processing techniques to assess parameters inherent to inductive ground loops in order to evaluate loop status and signal vehicle detection.

As a loop operator, this technology gives you the benefit of understanding the quality of your loop in real-time with advanced foresight and warning of deteriorating conditions. This allows preventative measures to be taken to avoid down time and situations in which your drive-thru technologies and services are hindered or incapacitated due to a failed or failing loop.

While these events are unlikely, the advanced warning system of the AVDB offers peace of mind that drive-thru operations will continue to be uninterrupted. Through continuous measurement of the inductive ground loop, the AVDB determines the inherent electrical characteristics of the loop which include: loop condition, connection quality, and the inductance of the loop.

These three parameters are evaluated to determine the Loop Status. In the case of a deteriorating loop, the AVDB offers insight into the underlying cause and the course of action to help troubleshoot your issue.
The vehicle detection portion of the AVDB operates through analysis of loop response to a stimulus provided by the detector, which characterizes the inductance of a loop.

The presence of a vehicle over the loop electromagnetically interacts with the loop causing a change in inductance. The AVDB monitors these small inductance changes in order to signal vehicle detection.


Use when an additional detection point is desired.

Works with MCD MOS TSP, HME Systems, HME Zoom DTO Drive-thru Optimization Management System, ION/IQ Systems, EOS Headsets systems.




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