HME Zoom Timer - With Leaderboard


  • $2,579.00

ZOOM® Drive-Thru Timer System

More than a Drive-Thru Timer

A profitable drive-thru requires speed, accuracy, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions. That’s why HME®, the world leader in drive-thru timer systems, created ZOOM.

  • Unlike most drive-thru timers, the ZOOM drive-thru timer provides complete visibility into your entire  operation. Its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and network accessibility make   managing your drive-thru easier than ever.
  • The ZOOM drive-thru timer system provides a real-time picture of your whole drive-thru, so managers and crew can instantly identify bottlenecks and take immediate action.
  • Now with HME CLOUD®, ZOOM is more accessible than ever. Link all of your stores to one account and update settings or view reports and dashboards from anywhere.

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There is a $560 charge to install the timer with Leaderboard, which is reduced by $75 if installed at the same time as a new headset system.


ZOOM 3.0 Drive-Thru Optimization System + Leaderboard

C12061-LB:   DTS, ZOOM™ Leaderboard 3.0, ZOOM CU50, TSP50 with on board vehicle detection, one (1) VDB102, two (2) Monitor, LCD 22 inch, two (2) wall mount brackets, optical mouse, cables and instructions

HME-CLOUD-TIMER-PREMIUM:  $185 Annual Subscription 

HME Cloud Premium and Leaderboard: Provides CLOUD Premium and in store Multi-Store ranking with the Drive-Thru Leaderboard Kit (sold separately). Each C12049* Drive-Thru Leaderboard kit requires the Annual Subscription.

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