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Pre-Fab Loop Sensor - Magnetic Vehicle Detection - 10' lead

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Pre-Fab Loop with 10' lead-in wire for New Construction.

Rated at 125 uH, +/- 6.25%

They're made out of 6 turns of a single 18 AWG wire and include an 18" piece of PVC to protect the wire to the conduit with 10' lead.

Designed for vehicle detection Drive Thru QSR,  parking barrier gates, gate operators, arming devices, overhead doors, traffic signals and vehicle count.

We also use these in some retro-fit applications where the road surface is too unreliable for a regular retro-fit saw-cut loop (encapsulated wire).

This inductive loops work like a metal detector as they measure the change in the field when objects pass over them. Once a vehicle drives over a loop sensor the loop field changes which allows the detection device to detect the presence of an metal object.


Recommended Vehicle Detectors Boards to use with this Loop Sensor:




Prefab Loop Sensor, Vehicle Detector, CCOMM- Installation instructions.PDF

Speaker Post - Concrete Foundation -  Instructions - PDF 


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