HME DU3 - Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector - Sensor - C Comm Direct

HME DU3 - Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector - Sensor


  • $462.25

HME DU3 - Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector.

Detector, Ultrasonic, Vehicle, DU3 (with [2] 25' cables for mounting at drive‐thru window; 115 VAC).

The DU3 is a vehicle sensor / detector unit with self-contained electronics, designed for use with a drive-thru timer system. It should be installed at the service window, not at the menu board or speaker post.

Installation of the DU3 requires only one hole to be drilled through the wall for cable routing, and four screw holes for mounting the detector unit on the outside wall of the building, near the drive-thru service window. Its cables will be routed to the AC adapter and the timer system control unit.

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