HME COM6000 Headset Belt-Pac communicator For Drive Thru SYS6000 and ion-IQ 6000 Systems


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HME COM6000 Headset Belt-Pac communicator.

For use with HME Digital Wireless IQ-SYS6000 & the newest Ion-IQ systems.


*This COM6000 Beltpack headset communicator works/compatible with SYS6000 & ion IQ base stations. Can be used as replacement for the HS6100 & HS6000 headsets.




Uses the HME Bat41 or Bat42 battery and the HS12 headset (not included)

**REFURBISHED - 3 months warranty.



Prior to operation of the Wireless 6000 system, each Communicator must be registered for use with a specific base station. The base station will then recognize all registered Communicators when their power is on, differentiating between them and interfering transmissions from other electronic equipment operating on similar frequencies. A maximum of 15 Communicators can be registered.

Communicators can be registered. Register each COMMUNICATOR® as follows:

  • NOTE: Communicators must be within 6 feet (1.83 meters) of the base station while being registered.
  • Be certain all Communicators to be registered are powered off and the base station power is on. Other Communicators can be on or off.
  • Open the base station and press the registration button.
  •  After you press the registration button, the Communicator ID display will show a small “o” for open and the status light will be blinking green.
  • Press and hold the B button on the Communicator while pressing and releasing the PWR (power) button to turn the unit on, then release the B button. This will cause the Communicator to enter the registration mode. ⎯ The two power lights next to the A1 and A2 buttons on the Communicator will begin blinking red, then will blink green two or three times and go off momentarily.
  • A voice message in the headset will say “Power on, Beltpac #, Version #, Begin registration, Registration complete, ...”
  • After a delay of up to 15 seconds (in some cases), the Communicator ID display will show the ID number assigned to this Communicator, momentarily, and the green status light in the base station will be on steady. You will then hear “Lane # ready” in the headset. NOTE: ID numbers are assigned sequentially as 0 thru 9, A, b, C, d and E.  
  • One of the power lights on the Communicator, next to the A1 or A2 button, will remain on steady green, indicating the active channel/lane.


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