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HS6200 Headset HME EOS | HD

HME p/n: C40000-HS3

  • $886.88

Brand New with Battery

* 2 Year Warranty


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Headset Refurbished with Battery.
Headset Bundled with DT System purchase.


HS6200 EOS HME 3M Drive thru headset system, CCOMM repair, service, advanced exchange, installs, Authorized Dealer Nationwide


EOS | HD® Drive-Thru Headset with HD Audio

HME is proud to present EOS|HD, a drive-thru headset system with the industry's newest advancement in sound quality—all-new HD Audio. HD Audio uses wideband technology and advanced noise reduction to create the clearest, most intelligible drive-thru headset on the market. By increasing intelligibility, EOS|HD provides a more understandable drive-thru conversation for improved order accuracy and speed of service.
  • Groundbreaking Wideband Technology:
    Innovative wideband technology expands the audio range of EOS|HD to include higher and lower voice frequencies than standard digital drive-thru headsets. The result is a remarkable 20% increase in intelligibility. With clearer, more intelligible speech comes faster speed of service, improved order accuracy, and greater profitability for your drive-thru.
  • Revolutionary New Outbound Noise Reduction:
    Removing noise from inside the kitchen, EOS|HD provides clearer communication to the customer resulting in a better customer experience in your drive-thru.
  • Dramatic Inbound Noise Reduction:
    EOS|HD's innovate technology dramatically reduces noise from the drive-thru to help deliver greater order accuracy than ever before.


2X The Audio Bandwidth
The greatest advancement in sound since digital drive-thru headsets, the expanded audio range of EOS | HD means you hear more of the conversation so you can get the order right the first time.

20% Increase in Intelligibility
With wideband technology and advanced noise reduction, EOS | HD makes drive-thru orders 20% easier to understand. Understanding the customer better means faster speed of service and profitability for your drive-thru.

44% Improvement in Inbound Noise Reduction
Removes engine and traffic sounds from the drive-thru to reduce employee fatigue.

88% Improvement in Outbound Noise Reduction
EOS | HD's innovative outbound noise reduction removes kitchen noise, like blenders, so that customers can hear crew members better. Orders are more accurate and customers leave happier than ever before.



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HME HS6200 Replacement / Compatible Headset

These HME Drive Thru headsets is compatible with the ion EOS Base Station and can be used as replacement for the HS6200 model.



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